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Shipibo Art from the Rainforest

You've seen me wearing it, you've seen it hanging on the walls of my office, you have seen it at Cosmic Connections or hopefully at my booths at one of my events. Shipibo art. What is it? Why do they make it? How is it used in their lives? How do I use it and how can YOU use it? When traveling in Peru, you see signs of this art and the importance of it, how it permeates the lives of the Shipibo pretty much everywhere. The clothing, the ceremonial tapestries, the homes and even in the town centers, you see these geometric designs that are part of their world. The designs have their origin in the non-manifest and ineffable world in the spirit of the Rainforest and all who live there. The designs are a representation of the Cosmic Serpent, the Anaconda, the Great Mother, creator of the universe called Ronin Kene. The Ronin Kene skin has a radiating, electrifying vibration of light, color, sound and movement. The designs that the Shipibo paint are channels for this multi-sensorial vibrational fusion of form, light and sound. These words, of course, only scratch the surface of these amazing designs and how they are connected to the Shipibo, the Earth and the Cosmos. I invite you to make an appointment with me to explore these pieces at my home office or come by my booth at the Far Out Festival or the Galactic Expo, both in May, to see these amazing pieces of art for yourselves and to have the questions above answered. Every tapestry created, from the wall hangings to the smaller squares and discs, are ceremonial pieces and can be used in your own spiritual practice. One of my favorite ways to use my own pieces are as crystal and tarot grids and I'd love to show you how to use them as well. I will have many examples of the Shipibo Amazonian Tribal Arts at the shows and am currently pre-booking appointments for healing and readings for both the Galactic Expo and the Far Out Festival on my website Be sure to scroll down to see my upcoming classes, including tomorrow's free one-hour Experiential Introduction to Reconnective Healing® at Cosmic Connections!

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