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Thinning of the Veils + Purpose

Now that we are in a time when the veil between worlds is thinnest, you may be confronted with the escalated experiences of spiritual phenomena. Intuition flows stronger, other dimensional forces are felt and seen more clearly, and your soul longs more intensely to reconnect to the infinite… Part of you aches to rise above the mundane and to claim the magical, miraculous existence that is the birthright which your heart refuses to let you forget. It is a time when your spiritual gifts are heightened as you are faced with a crossroads. Do you turn away from your heart's calling and bury yourself back into the mundane


Or do you chose a different path? If you are in the flow of your divine purpose,

​you will find ​

the tide relentlessly pushing you forward with more force and momentum. If you are denying your purpose, the same tide that pushes others forward, will drag you under and drown you in your drudgery.

Do you have the courage to walk away from what is “safe” or "familiar"


​Will you act upon your heart’s truest desires for your existence?

During this time of year, it is important to connect to your dreams, your passions, and to your intuition as it flows at high tide through your consciousness. While you go deeper, guard your heart with the double-edged swords of truth. Use your swords to slice away the unnecessary emotions, presumptions, assumptions and projections so that your vision is clear as you focus on what IS. This is not a time for judgement or dramatics. This is a time to check yourself and to ask, “Is my next step going to carry me closer to or further away from my heart’s desire?”. Your heart’s desire is more than a child’s dream. It is a

​true calling; your divine gift of​

purpose… It is the magic you were created to offer to the planet.

Right now, when the veil between worlds is thin, allow yourself to experience the crowd of witnesses from beyond the veil as they urge you forward in your purpose. Feel their hopeful excitement as you throw off everything that weighs you down, persevering with faith and anticipation, knowing that whatever fills your heart is

​about to materialize in your daily living.

I ​look forward ​to helping guide, heal, and counsel you​ should you need me....wherever you are along your path in life.

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