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See My New Home Office + CEU's

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! The new year has just begun and already exciting new opportunities have materialized! DO YOU NEED CEU'S??? I have been approved by the National Certification Board for Therapeutic Massage and Bodywork (NCBTMB) to award CEU's to my students taking Reiki classes! Students taking Reiki 1 will receive 5 CEU's. Students taking Reiki 2 will receive 7 CEU's. Students taking Reiki 1 & 2 will receive 12 CEU's. Students taking Reiki 3 will receive 9 CEU's. How fantastic is that?! WEDNESDAYS AT COSMIC CONNECTIONS! Cosmic Connections Metaphysical Bookstore has invited me to be a regular practitioner! Every Wednesday, I will be offering Reconnective Healing sessions and Tarot readings to bookstore patrons and clients on a walk-in basis from 11AM - 5PM. Come See Me!!! NEW HOME OFFICE! AND.... I have officially started seeing clients in my NEW HOME OFFICE! My new office is located at 2233 Smith Springs Rd. Nashville, TN 37217. It is located close to the airport , on the border of Nashville and Antioch. I will continue to see clients at the Berry Hill location as requested, but this will be my new primary office. This new space is a healer's dream! (Thank you to Lori Puryear for sharing your talent in decorating!!!) Come see me for sessions and experience the magic of this incredible healing space! Things just keep better and better! THANK YOU for your continued support and encouragement!! THERE IS A LOT HAPPENING IN FEBRUARY & MARCH!!! Be sure and RSVP NOW for some classes and events that are fast approaching!:

  • USUI TIBETAN REIKI LEVELS 1&2 at 2233 Smith Springs Rd. Nashville, TN 37217 - February 6th & 7th


  • USUI TIBETAN REIKI MASTER TEACHER LEVEL 3 CLASS & ATTUNEMENT at 2233 Smith Springs Rd. Nashville, TN 37217 - February 27th

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