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Charmed Far Infared Amethyst Mats

Charmed FIR infared Mats combine Far Infared technology with the healing powers

of Amethyst crystals to provide professional therapeutic results at home.

There is no simpler way of acquiring improved health than sleeping or sitting on a far infrared mat. The body is designed to heal itself, and it does a really great job of it when we give it what it needs. But, with our busy lifestyles, it is not always possible to exercise regularly and prepare the best food. And how many restaurants serve organic/non-GMO meals? Only a few of the juice bars are serving organic. So how do you improve your health when you have a busy schedule? You can start by sleeping on an amethyst mat, or simply put it over the back of your chair while you work. It takes zero time out of your schedule, and your body will love you for it.

Both negative ions and infrared heat go into the body through the thick layer of natural amethyst crystals covering the surface of the mat’s construction. Amethyst crystal refraction organizes the far infrared light and negative ions into patterns with the highest biocompatibility and healing effects.

When used at higher temperatures, far infrared therapy can create a false fever in the body with its deeply penetrating heat from four to six inches into the body. A fever stimulates the immune system into producing more white blood cells, antibodies, and a protein called interferon, all of which work to protect your body against harmful microorganisms. All animals use fevers to strengthen their immune system when they are ill.

By definition, a fever is simply any elevated temperature, which is higher than what is normal for you. Just a one or two degree increase can produce very healing effects. Fever also increases the metabolism.

Amid all this activity, your circulation is increased, stimulating natural detoxification, thus increasing your metabolism.

The deeply penetrating heat is very relaxing and soothes stressed muscles and reduces pain and inflammation.

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