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      "It was truly a magical experience that I'll Never forget." rachel - Smyrna, tn

Another Testimonial

Jeff frequently receives feedback from clients and students and this one from blogger Rachel Duty, from Smyrna, TN gives a great description of the possibilities when receiving a Reiki attunement! Book Your Attunement Today!

What is Reiki?




  1. a healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being.

Reiki is also not affiliated with any specific religion and does not require you to be of any certain religion. Reiki is available to anyone who practices Christianity all the way to Islam. There’s no discrimination and it is complete love, light, and healing.


It’s been a couple weeks since my last post. I’ve been woking on the best way to describe my weekend learning Reiki 1 & 2 and becoming attuned to the Reiki energy.

First, something major that I learned is that we all actually possess the power to use Reiki in our lives – it’s our birthright. Amazingly enough, the first day of the two day class, we practiced on each other, with a some guidance, and the results were staggering. Some of us felt – or even also saw – the life force energy moving and working. We were putting the intention for the energy into our actions. Having studied (and possibly even studied too much) on the subject for a few months leading up to the class, I had no idea that simply putting intentions into the energy would make a difference in the outcome. Being confident in your ability makes all the difference. I was astounded to hear everyone’s experiences after each exercise.

Prior to this class, I hadn’t experienced a Reiki session for myself. I had only heard about it briefly (which sparked my immediate interest) and then proceeded to study profusely. So, truthfully, this was my first true experience with hands-on energy work.

Another key point that I’d like to mention that I learned is that Reiki practitioners are not magical healers with super powers created by us for us. It is a gift that we are able to channel the energies of the universe to help facilitate and promote healing within other’s bodies – both emotional and physical. Be careful not to get too ‘big headed’.  Stay humble.

My first experience providing Reiki for a fellow classmate was, quite honestly, not nearly as profound (physically) for me as it was for my classmate. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect and also wasn’t completely confident on my hand/chakra positions – so I began working with a completely open mind and guidance from another fellow classmate.

As I bagan my placement around her crown and third eye chakra, I began to go into almost a meditative state. I started to become more comfortable with my touch when I noticed my ‘client’ was relaxed. I noticed subtle, and sometimes not quite so subtle, changes in her subconscious body language. Once relaxed, I still didn’t feel the traditional sensation of my hands pushing off comforting warm waves to the areas of the body they were placed. But, I continued on with the understanding that regardless, the energy was working. No matter if I personally felt it or not.I believe the life force energy is an intelligence of it’s own and goes where it is needed.

I continued down the body to the rest of the remaining chakras and focused my mind on sending her subconscious positive affirmations. I wasn’t “feeling” the energy moving at first per say, but I knew from watching over her that something was happening. So, I continued on with my hand positions and affirmations.

Once the session was over, we shared with each other and then the whole class what we had experienced. What she said certainly reaffirmed what I’d hoped to have been happening for her.

In her experience through our session – she explained that she’d had visions of colors behind her eyes that were vibrant and profound. She also explained that she had a vision of books on a book shelf that then flew off to flip pages and land on a certain number. We weren’t sure what that could have meant, but it was incredibly fascinating! She had expressed that while my hands had moved onto other areas of the body, she could still distinctly feel my warm hands elsewhere as well as if there were more than one person working on her. My favorite part of her recollection was when she explained how full of love and comfortable she felt. That was a truly wonderful feeling!

Though my first experience providing a session did not provide me with any physical sensations – I had one feeling that truly stuck out to me that I chose to share with her privately and not with the class.

While deep into our session, I could clear as day feel a voice telling me to ask her what is holding her back in her life. I couldn’t shake it, I felt the absolute need to ask her. Repeatedly through the entire session, this voice would not stop demanding that I ask her. When the session was over, I decided to give in but not in front of the class with fear of asking a question that didn’t make sense to her or worse, embarrass her. I pulled her aside, and asked the question and if that was something that made sense to her. I was so surprised to hear that was something that did resonate with her and was even something pertinent from that very day! I certainly learned from that moment that it is completely acceptable for me to listen to my intuition.

If you can imagine, this was all in day one of my two day class. It was truly a magical experience that I’ll never forget.

The teacher for the class is a Shaman in the Nashville area named Jeff Crawford. I’ll post his website at the bottom of this entry. He did a phenomenal job of organizing the class and providing us the knowledge – day one – to believe in ourselves and our natural capabilities. Day two (attunement day!) was equally as rememberable, I’ll be sure to write about that in the next coming day or two."

-Rachel Duty, Smyrna TN

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