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Working With Crystals and Plant Spirits

Crystals & plant spirits work WITH you, not FOR you. Purchasing or finding them does not make them enslaved or obligated to serve you.

You have to be working in YOUR power and with YOUR own intention and energy in order for any of these "conscious elements" to work WITH you. The combined consciousness and energy creates a sense of more, or in other words, "synergy".

Similar to when two runners run together, the combined effect of the energy that they share, or synergy, is greater than what they have as individuals. But when one runner stops running, it is not the responsibility of the other runner to carry the drop-out. The synergy is broken. The potential benefits of the partnership are lost.

When acquiring a crystal or plant to work FOR you, you become like the drop-out runner; desiring all the benefits of partnership while contributing nothing. Typically nothing is gained. But when you stay in your power and invite these conscious elements to work WITH you, they can contribute all of their unique attributes, in combination with your own, to create a synergy that can affect your desired outcomes. It is YOUR intention, power, and energy that activates the properties in these conscious elements.


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