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When God Closes A Door...

This is a 49/13 Week / 12/18 Month / 6 Year


As we enter December, a season of light, from what source, or direction, does the light you live by originate?

Imagine the experience of peering into a pond or a well on a dark night in order to observe the moon’s reflection. One may prefer the more fluid, creative, dancing reflection of the moon as it is distorted by the ripples of the water upon which it is reflected. But this is not the real light. It is a distorted, more entertaining, & mesmerizing reflection….a false light. A curious and courageous seeker, having seen the entertaining reflection of the moon upon the water, will not resist the desire to look up and gaze upon the moon directly, in its peaceful stillness.. She will enjoy the moon’s beauty as it waxes & wanes in shape and in the amount of light it delivers. This can represent one who has come into an awareness of true light. But with prolonged observation of the moon, one eventually becomes conscious of the understanding that the moon, by itself, does not emit substantial amounts of light. Rather, it is a body which reflects the light of the sun. Whoever loves the light of the moon will naturally want to find the sun, the source of the light that the moon reflects. This is the true light of life & enlightenment.

Light, esoterically, represents truth. Truth (Light) does not change. It is true in every circumstance. We become aware of this when we start to demonstrate that something isn’t true by pointing out all of the exceptions! That is when we are aware of a real light, or truth. Sometimes we know it by recognizing what it isn’t. From that awareness comes a desire to know and embody that truth (light). That is the pursuit of light, or enlightenment.

December’s energy supports you in using the measure of truth that you possess, and the courage to act upon it, in order to achieve that next breakthrough, victory, deeper self-realization or spiritual enlightenment experience.


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