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⭐Weekly Numerology + Tarot Insights 💫 November 12th- 18th, 2023

⭐Weekly Numerology + Tarot Insights 💫 November 12th- 18th, 2023 #ToThineOwnHeartBeTrue

“I began to understand that the goal of psychic development is the self. There is no linear evolution; there is only a circumambulation of the self. Uniform development exists, at most, at the beginning; later, everything points toward the centre. This insight gave me stability, and gradually my inner peace returned.” - C.G. Jung; Memories, Dreams, Reflections

“There is a limit circumscribed to your time – if you do not use it to clear away your clouds, it will be gone, and you will be gone, and the opportunity will not return.” — Marcus Aurelius

We are in the 6th Decan in Scorpio/Pisces (7 of Water) - This is a 46/10 Week - 11/18 Month - 7 Year.

7 of Water is indicative of the process of distilling the essence of what you most value and believe from the illusions and confusion of emotions.

10 is a number that signifies completion of a cycle, karma, coming full circle, death & rebirth, reuniting with source, transitions, one’s wisdom ruling over desires and actions to achieve balance, etc… 

18  is a number that signifies a rite of passage (the “Second Initiation”), equilibrium in the material world & equilibrium within one’s self while achieving balance in one’s intellectual & intentional interactions with the material world, realizing & pursuing the mystical power inherent in living by the TRUTH, The Christ-force within compelling one to follow their own inner awareness of TRUTH, etc…

7 is a number of transitions, challenges, and spiritual growth. 7 can indicate a period of resistance to overcome which can be opportunities for personal development. Mind over matter, or willpower. It expresses the interconnectivity of God in man. One may find themselves in a state of spiritual introspection as they pursue and connect with their higher selves, the Christ within. Thus, a higher perspective is achieved to facilitate strategically meaningful resolutions, rather than simply navigating with the limitation of material circumstances.  It is the perfect union of Spirit and matter, the divine masculine and divine feminine, or the material realms and the divine realms. The year 2023 promises to be a year full of excitement and intense challenges. It holds the potential for significant breakthroughs & liberation, or devastating failures & oppression. The determining factor will be the ability of the people to wake up to the awareness of their own divinity and power and to the importance of their connectedness to the world around them.


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