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Refuse to participate in the Biden/Trump lunacy

It has become glaringly obvious that our political and social institutions no longer serve our interests and can no longer be relied upon for safety, security, or stability. Wake up and refuse to participate in the Biden/Trump lunacy. One man does not rule the world. All you have is an extremely divisive narrative…. Kabuki theater, created by and for the advancement of the 0.1%, to distract and manipulate the masses. For further evidence of this, observe the same political/social divisiveness coming to a head around the globe where the systems of government and social challenges look very different (and yet eerily similar to our own).

Guard your heart. Regardless of which political narrative compels you, it only holds a remnant of truth; just enough to create an emotional response and to open the consciousness to entrainment & psychic attack. Embrace love of yourself & others. Stay in your joy. Lay aside the political narratives & manipulations, so that you can see clearly enough to follow your own spiritual/ethical/moral compass, rather than be bullied to accept concessions and compromises you will regret later.


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