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Pull Yourself Together!

This is a 36/9 week, 9/15 month, & 6 year.

September, a 9/15 month, is going to be a challenging one from the inside out. You are going to be challenged to do some serious inner reflection and refocusing on what matters most in your life. This is a pivotal month for courage to break old narrow-minded, self-limiting, self-sabotaging patterns. If you do not break free of them now, they are about to become way worse than you imagined.

September 9th, is the 9th day in a 36/9 week, of a 9 month. If there is a situation in your life that is reaching a breaking point, your opportunity to resolve it is likely to present itself on September 9th. Don't be caught unprepared to pursue the resolution that is most healthy and consistent with what you value most.


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