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Being Human

"Having just come out of the fun, costumed festivities associated with Halloween, I am reminded of how many people still identify as something other than human while wearing a human Earth suit. Perhaps some do this to escape the drudgery and/or pain of the daily grind, or to create an aire of mystery and uniqueness about themselves. Others genuinely feel trapped in their Earthly body, as though they can't leave it behind fast enough...

Whatever the reason, The Divine has seen fit that you should be a human in this lifetime as your soul continues to evolve and expand. The wisdom gained from past life experiences is meant to be applied to personal growth & healing, relationships, decisions, and challenges in the present time.

Earth is in a state of distress right now, as is reflected in our global climate. We need YOU to be PRESENT with the rest of us RIGHT NOW.

The old adage, 'May you live in interesting times' is historically understood to be a cleverly worded intention for tribulation and challenges to befall the subject. Today we are most definitely living in 'interesting times'! If we were watching our global history as a movie, the current state of affairs would be a climatic plot point that would undoubtedly have all of us on the edge of our seats.

Right now, we all get to play vital roles in one of the most intense and exciting segments of our movie. The heroes, villains, winners and losers are all about to be revealed!

Be with, in your human form, to reach deep and actively find your most intense desires, passions, inspirations, values and courage. Together we need to set our intentions on transcending the manipulated group-think, divisiveness, powerlessness and fear. Now is the time to embrace the complex, multi-faceted & multi -dimensional nature of our inner fortitude, spiritual gifts, emotional & intellectual awareness, and all of the magic that is inherent in our humanity.

You were born for such a time as this."

- Jeff Crawford

"Nashville's Shaman®"


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