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The True Meaning of Life

True meaning in life is in what you are doing and experiencing right now....

You are a soul , a divine spark, an extension of the Creator's self, experiencing life in a human body. This is the ultimate virtual reality experience! You are not your past experience. Those are the paths that have brought you to this moment as a more evolved and wiser soul. You are not your future, because you can't honestly know that you have a future beyond the breath you are taking right now. You are not your opinions, religion, political views or judgements, because those can change with a different experience... You are not the books you've read, the degrees you've obtained, or the job title on your business cards. You are a soul that has the experience of all of those things to help you live more aware in this moment....right now.

You are literally one breath away from Heaven. What are you experiencing with all of your senses? What truth or significance is your experience revealing to you? Therein is the meaning of life... YOUR life!

I wish you a lifetime of meaningful & magical experiences...and wisdom beyond your years....


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