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By having your own experience first, you are able to read the experiences and insights of others thr

Very often I am asked to suggest books for anyone wishing to learn more about healing and shamanism. Truthfully, the best book you will ever read is the one you will write in your own journal. Be on YOUR journey. Have YOUR OWN experiences and epiphanies. Develop YOUR OWN relationship with the Creator and the healing frequencies & spiritual forces all around you. THEN read the books which interest you. By having your own experience first, you are able to read the experiences and insights of others through a lens of what resonates with your personal experience and what does not.

Without your own unique experiences, you will only be trapped in a frustrating cycle of trying to imitate and affect the experiences of others. The result will leave you feeling hollow, incapable, insecure, and ineffective.

Nothing can replace or be more valuable then your own unique experiences with Source. Your divine spark, which is a literal extension of the Creator's self, allows the Creator to relate, create and evolve through you. My experiences, insights and gifts will be different than yours. Yours will be different from others. However, that does not discredit what is uniquely yours. Remember that theologies, philosophies, mythologies, and hypothesis are intended to explain our experiences; not to dictate what those experiences must be. The differences are what make you particularly qualified and capable for the work that every fiber of your DNA knows is YOUR path, purpose and magic.

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