Gratitude for Change

November 24, 2017

Happy​ Thanksgiving One and All​!!!! 

Today I am mindful and​ grateful for my calling as an energy healer​ in such a magical and mysterious world. 
Having been raised in a system of organized religion, which I served for so many years, I spent my former ​life doing what I thought was the "right thing".  But my erstwhile limited ​understanding of God, and of what I thought I should do, paradoxically ​led me into patterns of self-betrayal and "falling on the sword" for the "greater good".  Underneath it all​, I lived my life ​as a very frustrated, ​ and confused soul.  The more I learned, the more troubled I became with the inconsistencies inherent in church organizations​.  My personal ​experience of God was not supported by church theology.  I lived in a downward spiraling tunnel.... experiencing ​a sense of emptiness and loss of meaning​ in the pit of my stomach...compartmentalizing myself.......​dutifully playing​ the roles I had obligated myself to play in my work, my relationships, and in my family.  Drudgery.... Depression... Confusion was the inevitable consequence.....yet all the while a part of me intuitively knew that there was MORE to life than living on this treadmill​.
Then EVERYTHING changed.  God saw fit to allow me to experience God's-self in ways that challenged everything I thought I knew.  I accepted an opportunity to lead ghost tours which first opened me up​ to a ​better and more comprehensive​ understanding of​ the anatomy and nature of those parts of ourselves which are eternal.  Through the study of the Tarot, I rediscovered my faith, ​ as I found in it ​
a compendium of esoteric and historical information preserved and passed on by spiritual people from all walks of life around the world.  Through the experience of,​
and then ​learning to work with energetic healing frequencies, I found the M​iraculous.  In the Peruvian Amazon I experienced an epiphany that shook the foundations of my world.  The universe's divine plan for me suddenly became crystal clear, ​ after finding and being reconnected with​ my timeless adopted Shipibo family, my identity as a shaman, and my purpose as one who heals and brings people into their own power.  AND it just keeps getting better and better!
I am thankful for my supportive partner and children. I am grateful for the teachers
​and​ friends that God saw fit to place in my path, if even just for a short time. They have impacted me in eternal ways.

Lastly, ​ I am thankful for all of you who allow me to be a part of your journeys​ as you step into the fullness of your power; changing your hearts, your ​lives, the lives of those ​around you, and ultimately the world. 
I am sending gratitude and love to you all​.
Happy Thanksgiving!



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