April Classes and Gratitudes

April 1, 2016


My head is still spinning from the first 3 months of 2016!

So far, I've been blessed to have:

  • Taught and attuned several new Usui Tibetan Reiki Level 1& 2 practitioners AND Level 3 Master Teachers

  • Rolled out my new Learn to Read the Tarot Class

  • Taught & Demonstrated Reiki and Reconnective Healing  at Daymar College & Nashville School of Massage.

  • Presented 3 Experiential Introductions to Reconnective Healing at Cosmic Connections

  • Came on as a regular reader/healer at Cosmic Connections on Wednesdays


Things just keep getting better and better! THANK YOU for your continued support and encouragement!



This is rapidly becoming my favorite class to teach and is the first in what I plan to be a series of 4-5 college level courses in understanding and mastering the tarot.   After just 2 full days of class, many of my students have gained impressive tarot reading skills as their friends, family and even new clients can attest!  WHAT MAKES THIS CLASS DIFFERENT FROM OTHER TAROT CLASSES is that it is taught as a tool for healing.  I am a healer who happens to love reading the Tarot as one of my healing tools.  Tarot readings allow my clients to avoid reaching that point down the road when they look back and say, "If I had only known then what I know now...".  I can't tell you how many times after I have just read somebody's cards, they will say , "Wow!  I KNEW it!" and I am then able to seize that moment and assist them in recognizing and owning their own intuitive power.  I also use the tarot language as a means of interpreting images, colors, symbols, and impressions I receive while performing energetic healing.  What most people fail to recognize is that the Tarot is so rich with archetypal and esoteric information. Learning to identify and interpret that information opens up a whole new level of understanding and knowing that provides a tremendous aid to a healer with a command of that understanding.  I encourage anyone who is a healer to invest some time in adding this insightful tool to their healing toolbox.  RSVP now for the next class on April 9th & 10th! 

I am now offering private lessons in reading tarot!  Private lessons allow us to work one-on-one at your own comfortable pace. If you are already a seasoned reader of Tarot and want to brush up on your skills or do some in-depth work this can be especially helpful.
60 Minute Lessons - $60
30 Minute Lessons - $30

Do you find yourself feeling stuck in your life direction, spiritual development, family situation, relationship or job?   Perhaps something inside you knows that you are capable of so much more, but you just can't see your way clear to articulate and take the necessary steps to get there? 

Combining my years of experience as a minister, senior human resources manager and project manager with my demonstrated success as a shaman, healer and intuitive, I am offering Intuitive Life Coaching!  During Intuitive Life Coaching sessions, we will look intuitively and objectively at where you are now, where you want to go, and what steps you need to take to get there.  Then we will map out a strategic plan with measurable and specific milestones to see it happen! 

Whether your goals be professional, spiritual, or interpersonal, Intuitive Life Coaching can be a wonderful resource for transforming your life. 
Intuitive Life Coaching sessions are $100/hour.

A handful of my Reiki students have approached me about the possibility of hosting a Reiki class for their teenagers this summer.  Kids are often the most effective healers! If you would be interested in having your teenagers involved in Reiki 1 & 2 training this summer, please contact me.  Class dates and times TBD based on interest.

Several of my clients are recognizing that their teenagers are showing some special intuitive talent and psychic abilities.  Learning the Tarot is a wonderful and fascinating tool for developing these special gifts!   If you would be interested in having your teenagers learn to read the Tarot this summer, please contact me.  Class dates and times TBD based on interest.

Be sure and RSVP NOW for some classes and events that are fast approaching!:

  • USUI TIBETAN REIKI MASTER TEACHER LEVEL 3 at  2233 Smith Springs Rd. Nashville, TN 37217 - April 2nd

  • LEARN TO BE A DISTANCE HEALER at 2233 Smith Springs Rd. Nashville, TN 37217 - April 3rd

  • LEARN TO READ THE TAROT & RECIEVE A PSYCHIC ATTUNEMENT at 2233 Smith Springs Rd. Nashville, TN  37217 - April 9th & 10th

  • iiENERGY WORKS METAPHYSICAL FAIR at William O. Beach Civic Center  Clarksville, TN  37040 - April 16th

  • RECONNECTIVE HEALING EXPERIENTIAL INTRODUCTION at Cosmic Connections 1701 Portland Ave.  Nashville, TN  37212 - April 17th

Find me on Facebook!  See my Facebook page, Jeff Crawford – Quantum Light Shamanic Healing, to stay up to date on upcoming news, blogs, and events! https://www.facebook.com/QuantumLightShamanicHealing?ref=aymt_homepage_panel



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